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Awnings in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC aluminum awningsIf you live in the Charlotte Metropolitan area, and are looking to shade your deck or patio with a high quality aluminum awning, look no further.  Aluminum awnings & Underdecking of the Carolinas will gladly visit your location and provide you with an accurate on site estimate.  This is a great opportunity to ask the professional important questions and also get feedback on recommendations for the absolute most cost effective awning.  Count on us to deliver a great awning in Charlotte, NC.  This investment will create a great outdoor living space sheltered from the elements, and will also increase the overall value of your home.

If you own a business in or around Charlotte, NC we also provide awning solutions for businesses and organizations.   The light weight aluminum awnings are visually appealing and go hand in hand with commercial buildings and applications. all of our awnings come with a built in water drainage system and reinforced support beams.  The strength and durability of our aluminum awnings are what stand them apart from other awning alternatives.  Low maintenance means you wont be doing repairs or painting every other year.  These awnings are built to last, especially when the awnings are professionally installed.