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Aluminum Awings Professionally Installed

The great thing about having a professional install your new aluminum awnings, is you ensure that your investment is properly secure and and looks great.  There are many different aspects to consider when choosing the design and layout for an aluminum awning for your residence.  If the aluminum awning is not supported and fastened using the correct materials and techniques, the infrastructure itself will be in jeopardy.  It is always a good idea to have a professional design and  install your new aluminum awning. If you are interested in purchasing an aluminum awning for you home,  make sure you consult an experienced and credited contractor or specialist before making your decision.

Aluminum Carports

Check out out affordable, high quality aluminum carports!  These light weight, clean looking carports are becoming very popular for people looking to provide some protection for their automobile.  Our aluminum carports shield your vehicles from harmful elements such as excessive sunshine, rain, hail, and snow.  All the while providing ample ventilation due to the open design of  carports.

We can visit your location and evaluate the specific application, take accurate measurements, and make recommendations for all aluminum carports.  East Coast Aluminum Awnings is a division of Aluminum Awnings & Under-decking of the Carolinas and we strive to deliver great customer service.  All of our aluminum carports are professionally installed to your satisfaction.  The aluminum carports are also available in custom colors, and built in drainage system.

We offer free estimates on aluminum carports, so contact us today to get started!

Public Buildings & Commercial Applications

East Coast Awnings provides an affordable and effective solution for many commercial applications.